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Leiden verstopfte Nase: HNO-Arzt in Berlin hilft


You will be amazed at how pleasant it is to be able to breathe freely through your nose. But not only allergies or an increased susceptibility to infections explain your complaints of a constantly blocked nose. Enlarged turbinates, a bent nasal septum or nasal polyps are often the cause of such complaints.

With a thorough examination, we can immediately initiate a therapy that's individually tailored to you. In the case of anatomical causes, in many cases a short and tissue-preserving operation with a laser is helpful, which is characterised by rapid wound healing. But we also perform operations such as the straightening of the nasal septum on an outpatient basis under general anaesthesia to spare you a visit to hospital.

If you suffer from a chronically blocked nose again and again, please feel free to contact – we will find a way for you.