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Naturheilkunde in der HNO - Facharzt Praxis Berlin Dahlem


Numerous naturopathic procedures have become established in modern medicine. They mainly serve to gently support therapies developed by conventional medicine. However, if it seems appropriate, we can also treat you exclusively with naturopathic methods.

Natural healing methods keep the burden on the body as low as possible and aim to sustainably strengthen the self-healing powers. As versatile ENT doctors in Berlin-Dahlem, we're convinced of its supportive effect and therefore offer you acupuncture, microbiological therapy and orthomolecular medicine, among others. These can be applied in the following areas:

- weakened immune defence
- chronic sinusitis
- Hay fever
- ringing in the ears
- blockages in the flow of energy
- microbiological and Orthomolecular Therapy

After a thorough examination, we'll be happy to help you with an individual naturopathic therapy that will help you stay healthy in the long term. Please note that naturopathic treatment is unfortunately outside the scope of reimbursement for statutory public health insurance. However, with over 20 years of experience we can confirm that it's well worth it. Please feel free to make an appointment for an initial consultation in our practice.