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HNO bei Infekten und in Infektanfälligkeit in Berlin


With our holistic view of the human being and state-of-the-art treatment options, we get to the bottom of your susceptibility to infections and help you to rebuild your immune defences. Your well-being is always at the centre of our therapeutic measures.

Susceptibility to infections does not always manifest itself in chronic inflammation of the sinuses, for example; fatigue, frequent exhaustion or impaired breathing can also indicate a higher susceptibility to infections or even inflammations that have already developed in the body. Numerous influencing factors such as age, diet and consumption habits, environmental toxins, stress, medication and various diseases also have an effect on the immune system's resistance.

After a detailed anamnesis and examination, we determine the causes of your present susceptibility to infection and immediately initiate the right treatment steps. In our ENT specialist practice, you benefit from efficient therapies that are as gentle as possible and bring about a lasting improvement.

Here are some examples:

  • Microbiological therapy that restore the bacterial balance of the intestinal flora and thus strengthens the immune system.
  • Orthomolecular treatments – such as high-dose vitamin C therapy via infusion – strengthen the organism with vitamins, minerals and trace elements when deficiencies exist.
  • In many cases, susceptibility to infection can be cured with an individually tailored combination of both treatment approaches.

Consultation and therapy are partly outside the scope of reimbursement by the statutory health insurances; you're welcome to make use of our expertise via a voluntary self-pay service.