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Does your child have to stay home more often because he or she suffers from an upper respiratory tract infection? Surely you have already heard that the little ones do not yet have a sufficiently developed immune defence and therefore find it difficult to defend against the germs they pick up at daycare. But every infection also means a logistical act for you as a family when the child is being cared for at home and you actually have to work.

With tips from paediatric ENT for the prevention of infections, also with the help of naturopathic knowledge, we can support you and your child in everyday life. If your child is already ill, you can support him or her in coping with the illness with a variety of home remedies. We'd be happy to guide you and your children through this time and to be at your side.

We see our task here as counteracting complications at an early stage and avoiding the associated, often necessary administration of antibiotics. This is because antibiotics should always be used with caution, as they have a disruptive effect on the intestinal flora (microbiome) and thus on your child's natural immune defences.

When both younger and older children find themselves in a vicious circle of recurring colds and obstructed nasal breathing for a longer period of time, they may develop
chronic disorders, which manifest, for example, as hearing disorders and snoring.

In these cases, gentle surgical interventions are the last option. We can reassure you as parents with the fact that the surgical and anaesthetic procedures are so gentle and tolerable nowadays that the procedure can be performed by us on an outpatient basis in our practice that you are familiar with.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that we do not rush into any surgical procedure and that every treatment is always preceded by a detailed discussion with you. Dr. Osterland says: "Since I am a father of a son myself and understand your fears and thoughts, it's very important for us to accompany you and your child well".