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Hearing disorders can occur gradually or suddenly. Sudden hearing disorders in particular can be very frightening and scary. Don't hesitate to call us to have a hearing disorder examined as soon as possible. In many cases, hearing disorders are temporary or can be treated with relatively simple means. The prospects for therapy are best the earlier therapy is started.

In order to determine the type and extent of hearing disorders, we perform hearing tests for an accurate diagnosis. We distinguish between subjective – i.e. concerning your sensations – and objective hearing tests. This includes examinations such as tone threshold audiometry, speech audiometry, tuning fork testing, suprathreshold tonaudiometric testing, stapedius reflex measurement and electrical response audiometry.

The possible causes of hearing disorders such as sudden hearing loss, tinnitus or hearing loss are very diverse. For example, circulatory and blood pressure problems, rheumatic diseases, brain tumours, problems in the cervical spine and dysfunctional jaw joints can lead to impaired hearing. You should therefore have the cause of hearing disorders determined by us as soon as possible in order to be able to intervene immediately in the case of dangerous clinical pictures.